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Every "success" guru, every personal development program, every book on how to excel in your chosen field, emphasizes the use of mentors to accelerate your business growth and profits.

As experienced trainers, with 24 combined years as successful sales reps, and 19 combined years experience as gourmet food manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers, my hubby, Malcolm, and I, can help you meet your business goals more quickly.

We've "been there, done that" many times, and in 2010 we started publishing information products to help people like you succeed. 

Our published resources, including the Complete eGuide for Selling to Gift Shops, and the eGuide on How to Find, Recruit, and Manage Independent Sales Reps, and Trade Show Exhibiting Secrets! have sold hundreds of copies each. Along the way, we've attracted stellar reviews and testimonials from small business professionals (like you!) who believe we created great value in their business! (Check out the sidebars on those sales page links above or click on the images below, for proof!) 

 Wholesale Power Pack Trilogy 

But we don't have all the answers (though we love finding them for you!). That is where a "Mastermind" group comes in. 

The term "mastermind" first entered the general American lexicon, through the work of Napolean Hill, who achieved fame by studying the habits of successful people, later publishing several works on the topic, the most famous of which, was "Think and Grow Rich":

 The concept of a Mastermind, is to bring together people with a common goal, and rely on the collective group knowledge to reach those goals, benefitting individual members.

In this case (since you will benefit, and I expect to get great value as well), the mastermind group's goal becomes the advancement of a highly profitable and rewarding product marketing business - for each of us!! 

(Side benefits will include lifelong friendships and networking, with people you will learn to love and care about, professionally AND personally.)

Anyway, after years of rubbing shoulders and networking with other product marketers, and offering a market survey to fine-tune our thoughts about relevant information needs, we designed a membership/mastermind program to meet those needs. We believe this the best low-cost option to benefit those people in our industry who are TRULY ready to enter the realm of success!

Are you one of those people?


From a macro (big picture) perspective, you get the following:

  • Virtually unlimited private consulting (albeit in a group environment), tapping into my knowledge and passion, about selling and moving products, through wholesale channels. ($99/hour value) 
  • Unlimited private consulting (inside the Mastermind membership area) from Malcolm's significant "big picture", and strategic orientation, on all things marketing and business deveopment. ($150/hour value) 
  • Access to the vast collective knowledge and experiences of the entire group, to solve your every problem, to ask for feedback on your every effort, and to create new and important friendships in your industry. (Priceless! ... to borrow the credit card TV advertising slogan...) 
  • The opportunity to give back, and share your own discoveries, thereby making a difference in the lives of others who will become your compadres in product marketing. (After all, we are in this together, both as an industry, and as members of this planet... NOTHING feeds individual self-esteem like helping others succeed... and you WILL discover you care about your fellow travelers in this Mastermind, and they will care about you!) 
  • An occasional  Q&A teleconference, where we can all talk live... about ANYTHING!
  • Periodic group chat... chitchat about lifestyle or business issues!

The membership solution we are proposing, even offers a private communication messaging system as well - for those topics just too sensitive or too much of a "trade secret" for you to feel comfortable approaching the entire group.


Now, from a "micro", or direct benefit standpoint, here are some valuable opportunities you will own, if take advantage of our membership solution:

  • Ask for help with a business challenge or issue you are facing! 
  • Ask for feedback on your website(s)! 
  • Invite others to join your blog, Fan page, LinkedIn group, or follow you on Twitter! 
  • Ask for feedback on packaging or ads or logos! 
  • Join "Topic of the Week" and other discussion threads! 
  • Cooperative advertising opportunities!
  • NO SPAM (unlike my LinkedIn group members... sigh)! 
  • Having a bad day?... let the group help build you back up! 
  • Not just wholesaling... ANY business topic is fair game!
  • Co-op gift basket ventures, and other cross-promotions!
  • Need to rant? Good listeners all, with empathetic ears, and (only if you want them) suggestions.
  • FREE resources... most of our new publications will be free to members... we will try to get one out every couple of months!
  • Scheduled and unscheduled group "chats"!
  • Product bartering for holidays or other gift giving!
  • Benefits and opportunities that will pop up as the Mastermind grows... can you add some ideas?

A quick note: although the main topic for this Mastermind is "wholesaling", we all need information on selling direct to consumers as well... e.g. direct mail, catalogs, email marketing, website SEO, farmers' markets, fairs, holiday booths, even our own retail stores. So those are fair game too! Anything that product marketers need to know on their way to success, is a legit topic for our Mastermind group!

So, What is My Investment in This
'Last Chance at This Price' Opportunity?

And now, the moment you've been waiting for (imagine a drum roll, please, as my website audio library does not include a drum roll), and the question you want to ask:

"What kind of investment am I looking at?"

Over the years, Malcolm and I were invited to a number of Masterminds (and joined a couple) in various related industries. Membership fees typically range from $17, $47, $97, $197 - to even $497 or more PER MONTH, for high-end programs. And of course, as the membership and value increased over time, so did the fees!

At this moment, you enjoy the opportunity to be a part of something special. As a member of the SELLING TO RETAILERS MASTERMIND GROUP, you may lock in the lowest price we will ever offer again ... just $47, that's it! ONE TIME!... about what I charge for under 30 minutes of private consulting.

With this membership you get UNLIMITED access to my experience, Malcolm's experience, and all the knowledge of Group members.

AND, you get discounted new publications, as we unleash them, and those discounts will often be worth more than the $47 fee. In fact, we guarantee it!

Over time, as participation and value increase, we reserve the right to increase the fee, or even add a monthly membership...but today you can nail down the $47 figure for the length of your stay.

And if the low charter price were not enough, I am offering you even the $47 at NO RISK whatsoever:

Membership $47

Opt Out at ANY TIME!

For 30 days, I will even
cheerfully refund the $47 at your request,
if you feel the opportunity was not 47 bucks!

Absolutely NO RISK, to joining NOW
as a valued Member of the:


I know you might be hesitant to join, simply because if - sooner or later - you decide to drop out, you might feel a bit awkward. After all, by now you are probably familiar with my life's work, we probably connected by email, and you may even like me (or at least I hope you do!)

If, at any time, you decide not to continue, I will understand that the Mastermind opportunity is not for you, at least not right now. I will still enjoy and appreciate you, as a respected co-member of our industry, even if we cannot be Master-Minders together here. Our friendship is not now, nor ever, in jeopardy, if you go another direction.

But I really hope you will give it a try. Find out now - for about the price of a good sandwich and soda at a local cafe - if this type of mentoring and sharing is just what you've been looking for!! AND, I will cheerfully refund the 7 bucks, if you feel you did not get even that much value! Zero risk to you.

You can't lose on this deal!

"I'm glad I've rediscovered this group, it's quickly become my can't-do-without-tool. You're doing the research and reporting back important info that I don't always have the time/energy/discipline to do myself. Thank you SO much. Do you have a good description for your group that I could post on Facebook for other small biz owners who could benefit?"

R. B, Mastermind Member

How about an in-depth peek at what our 50 member “Selling to Retailers Mastermind” Group on Facebook is talking about?

And for a fraction of what current Mastermind members paid to get the same info?

Read on for information on my hot off-of-the press, “Best of Mastermind”, an abridged 61-page resource, offering the best and most extensive comment threads from the mastermind.

If you want to 'try out' the membership before joining, consider purchasing my newest eGuide: The Best of Mastermind: Selling to Retailers -- Discussions & Resources.

Here is a list of some of the thread topics in the Best of Mastermind:The Best of Mastermind

  • Bar Codes
  • Catalogs Strategies
  • Consignment
  • First Time Order Incentive
  • Following Up with Buyers
  • Online Wholesale Inquiries
  • Qualifying Wholesale Customers
  • Sales Reps
  • Shipping
  • Trade Show Booths
  • Using a Fulfillment Service
  • Website Platforms
  • Wholesale Discounts

Of course, when you join the Mastermind Group, you will receive this resource for FREE!!!

But, if you want to purchase it instead, here is the link to buy it!

 So, just to recap:

  • $47 first month (refundable by request for 30 days!) 
  • $0 Monthly Recurring (NO MONTHLY FEES!)
  • Cancel ANY Time! Enjoy for as long as you like! 
  • Receive your FREE copy of "The Best of Mastermind" eGuide 

Just click on the Limited Time Offer button below to pursue your dreams as an exclusive member of the Selling to Retailers Mastermind Group!  

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Sandy Dell
Gift Rep Sandy
SellingtoRetailers (at)

PS ... just a note or two about the platform we will be using for this membership program. Most will be thrilled, but some might be bummed... so I want to make sure YOU understand why we use a FACEBOOK Closed Group, as the primary membership/mentoring/mastermind forum.

Malcolm and I started looking into a membership program idea a couple years ago. We researched MANY membership options, including iGroops, Amember, Wild Apricot, and others. We finally settled on Wishlist Member, which is a WordPress plugin, as it seemed to offer the best combination of features and value. (Plus, I am well versed in WordPress, so it was easy to learn.) We even built a working prototype with three membership levels.

However, over the past six months, the booming Facebook community, with it's ever increasing list of features and ease of use, made us do an "about face" and, combined with our own comfort level with Facebook, and survey results, we decided to launch the membership mastermind on Facebook, using their Closed Group feature!

More than any other platform, Facebook offers the following advantages:

  • Most people are already ON Facebook, so there are no new logins or passwords or URLs to remember, and no new sites to search out... just click on "Selling to Retailers..." under the GROUPS section of the left column, while you are browsing the Facebook news feed. 
  • You can post photos with relative ease, to ask for feedback on packaging, or suggest a resource, or start a discussion. 
  • Web links are a snap, and include a snapshot of the home page, complete with thumbnail photo, for sharing resources, or asking for a website critique. 
  • Even though the membership is CLOSED to outsiders, once you log in to Facebook, you are already logged into the member area... all you need to do (as mentioned previously) is click on the group link under GROUPS in the left column. 
  • Starting or following a thread is SUPER easy. 
  • You can turn Notifications on or off. 
  • Anyone can start a resource under "DOCS" that other members can add to.. for example, I have started a contact form, so people can share contact info, websites, fan pages, etc on an ongoing basis. 
  • We can easily support each other's fan pages (and talk about how to get them moving)! 
  • Event announcements can be embedded into Facebook. 
  • And much more. 

Anyway, if you are NOT comfortable yet with Facebook, I can assure you, that the learning curve, once you are in, is less than a normal membership site. AND THERE IS SO MUCH MORE YOU CAN DO, SEE, and SHARE!!

Last chance to join the parade. I REALLY hope you will join, but as soon as we hit our numbers, the price will go up to $97. Join now to get the best price we will ever offer...  just $47 bucks!

Click below to become a Member of the Selling to Retailers' Mastermind Group:

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About Gift Rep Sandy

Gift Rep Sandy

Sales “repping”, or selling wholesale gifts for gift & gourmet manufacturers, was nothing I really planned, nothing I especially wanted to pursue, and something I would not have gravitated towards if circumstances and opportunity had not lead me in that direction.

I became an independent manufacturer’s sales representative virtually by accident.


Are you looking to build or expand your wholesale business more quickly, and don’t know where to go from here? 

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"I have so much respect for Sandy Dell and the work that shhe does. She has truly paved the way and is an industry expert on getting products into retail and gift shops. I provide art rep services for a few local artists in the Seattle area where I live and the information that Sandy has provided has helped me as I work to get their artwork and other products into local retail shops." 
-- Nakeesa Frazier 
Although I ordered your ebook last year, it was only after this recent Christmas rush that I printed it out and read every word (except for the chapter about tradeshows).

Less than 10 day later, out of the blue I get contacted by a major wholesaler who's interested in placing a significant sample order with us.

Hows that for the power of attraction? :)

... In all seriousness though, after reading your selling to retailer ebook I got a much clearer idea on how to structure my wholesale pricing and have restructured all my prices from the ground up since reading it. Looks like I read that chapter JUST IN TIME!
  -- Martin Pavion



If you're looking for insider knowledge on how to work with sales reps for your product line, Sandy's eGuide is a must.


I wish I’d read it when I had my t-shirt line. It would have helped me to navigate and understand the world of sales reps better.


I really love the specific advice on how to find sales reps and how to exactly work with them to maximize sales.


It's not easy to find a sales rep that is a good fit, but Sandy manages to explain how it all works for maximum benefits to everyone involved.

--Andreea Ayers,