Selling to Retail Stores

Are Sales Reps in Your Future?

Discover the Eleven EASIEST Methods to FIND (plus how to recruit & manage)  Independent Sales Reps QUICKLY, in ANY industry!

We offered a greatly reduced version of this resource many months ago, but the NEW version is HOT, and now includes:

2. A complete list of US Gift Marts – making it much easier to find reps by geography!
3. Even MORE ways to find sales reps in YOUR industry!
4. A lengthy article on how to manage your independent reps, and help them to help YOU expand your business in 2012!

Here are some of the other informational topics and features of this eGuide:

  • What do “sales reps” offer to a producer (like you)?
  • What are “rep groups” and “gift marts” and why you should care!
  • In-house or “company” vs. How to Find Recruit and Manage Sales Reps eGuide“independent” sales reps!
  • The nine main ways to find sales reps (and which ONE is absolutely the best)!
  • Ten questions to ask EVERY sales rep BEFORE you sign on the dotted line!
  • Four personality types of sales reps – a bit humorous! (And which ones to avoid…)
  • 12 key components of a sales rep agreement!
  • Who supplies and/or pays for sales flyers and samples to reps and buyers?
  • Developing a good policy on “free samples”!
  • What are standard rep commission rates in your industry?
  • Terms for canceling a rep agreement!
  • Do you pay commissions based on sales or paid invoices?
  • What is a typical rep payment schedule?
  • How to handle commissions on un-collectable accounts!
  • 11 big tips on managing reps, from my personal experience!
  • Bonus: How to work with DISTRIBUTORS!

Find out more information (and more deals) about How to Find, Recruit and Manage Sales Reps !

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About Gift Rep Sandy

Gift Rep Sandy

Sales “repping”, or selling wholesale gifts for gift & gourmet manufacturers, was nothing I really planned, nothing I especially wanted to pursue, and something I would not have gravitated towards if circumstances and opportunity had not lead me in that direction.

I became an independent manufacturer’s sales representative virtually by accident.


Are you looking to build or expand your wholesale business more quickly, and don’t know where to go from here? 

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What Our Customers Say:   

"I have so much respect for Sandy Dell and the work that shhe does. She has truly paved the way and is an industry expert on getting products into retail and gift shops. I provide art rep services for a few local artists in the Seattle area where I live and the information that Sandy has provided has helped me as I work to get their artwork and other products into local retail shops." 
-- Nakeesa Frazier 
Although I ordered your ebook last year, it was only after this recent Christmas rush that I printed it out and read every word (except for the chapter about tradeshows).

Less than 10 day later, out of the blue I get contacted by a major wholesaler who's interested in placing a significant sample order with us.

Hows that for the power of attraction? :)

... In all seriousness though, after reading your selling to retailer ebook I got a much clearer idea on how to structure my wholesale pricing and have restructured all my prices from the ground up since reading it. Looks like I read that chapter JUST IN TIME!
  -- Martin Pavion



If you're looking for insider knowledge on how to work with sales reps for your product line, Sandy's eGuide is a must.


I wish I’d read it when I had my t-shirt line. It would have helped me to navigate and understand the world of sales reps better.


I really love the specific advice on how to find sales reps and how to exactly work with them to maximize sales.


It's not easy to find a sales rep that is a good fit, but Sandy manages to explain how it all works for maximum benefits to everyone involved.

--Andreea Ayers,